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Polymer eClub is the simplest ways to build your polymer skills, using informative That's Workin' Knowledge videos, online courses, and a friendly community of experienced professionals and fellow learners to support your polymer journey.

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Let PeC build your knowledge through coaching, courses, and community.

Want help going from employment to a Meaningful Career?

Feel envious of those successful STEM engineers at your consumer goods company?

Your technical degree transitioned into employment where you realized a strong polymer science acumen is part of your job function.

Some have it and are most successful and you want that knowledge to bring job success, job security, and a well-deserved promotion.

PeC bridges the gap between academics and real world product development for engineers and scientists who lack polymer breadth.

That's Workin' Knowledge.


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We will help you gain Workin' Knowledge to ensure a smooth transition.


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